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If you are an animal enthusiast living in Escondido, CA and you are searching for a different profession, maybe you need to look into Vet Tech classes?
Vet Technician schools in Escondido, CA can offer a path to a lucrative and rewarding job. veterinary tech schools in Escondido CAKnowledgeable Veterinary Techs find themselves in great demand and the job growth in the area is massive. Invest a few minutes to read our web page about Vet Technician Schools in Escondido, CA and almost certainly you will learn it is the perfect option for you! If you already know you want to enroll in Veterinarian Technician school, simply enter your zip code in the field below and you’ll find a directory of awesome programs in your area.

What Does a Veterinarian Technician Do?

Each veterinarian hospital is different so the Vet Technician’s jobs may vary from practice to practice. Here is a brief list of what a Veterinary Technician’s tasks can include:

  • trimming the fur, nails, or claws of the patients
  • teaching or mentoring new individuals on the veterinarian technician staff
  • Providing the continuing care for any patients recovering from surgery and/or treatment
  • Maintaining a sterile and healthy setting. This consists of, but is not limited to washing out any waste left by animals in kennels, treatment rooms and animal waiting areas, along with maintaining medical instruments
  • supplying information to pet owners on their animal’s well being or nutrition
  • Giving emergency first aid.
  • veterinary Technicians also perform a large amount of lab work. This could include conducting blood tests, urine checks not to mention stool exams. All of these tests make it possible for the veterinarian to recognize animal health issues.
  • doing dental procedures including cleaning teeth
  • Administer/maintain/monitor anesthesia utilizing anesthetic procedures and state-of-the-art monitoring devices
  • Working with x-ray and other radiological equipment
  • Assisting the veterinarian in physical examinations of patients. Such as: restraining patients if needed, taking animal’s temperatures, and furnishing the vet with supplies.
  • Maintaining up-to-date and organized laboratory, research, and treatment records.
  • Prepping animals for surgery by shaving parts of the animal.
  • Obtaining and labeling test samples for laboratory evaluation.

vet technician schools in Escondido CA Generally speaking, as a veterinary tech, you will be required to support the veterinarian and ensure the well-being of the patients. Veterinary techs perform numerous clinical functions and attend to the animals under the supervision of a licensed vet. Additionally they work at sustaining an effective administration and maintain safe working conditions.

Admission Requirements for Veterinary Tech Programs in Escondido, CA

If you’re thinking about applying to a veterinary tech school, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with your program’s individual admissions standards. Each veterinary tech program is unique, although most share a number of standard prerequisites that you ought to know about. Please remember, there is always flexibility!

Academic Prerequisites

Many veterinary technician schools want university transcripts, a high school diploma, or a GED. Schools will expect you to have a GPA of at least 2.0, though if you want to get into a more competitive program you should shoot for no less than a 3.0 grade point average.
A good number of veterinary technician schools carry minimum high school requirements concerning semesters in biology, chemistry, math, and English. Many vet tech schools consider your math and science GPA separately from your cumulative GPA, therefore you need to make sure you do well in those classes.
Vet Experience
While not always required, many vet tech schools recommend some kind of veterinary experience. This might consist of volunteer work, work as a paid employee, or apprenticeships. If you can demonstrate that you have a bit of hands-on experience in a veterinary environment, this is going to look really good on the application.

Recommended Veterinary Tech Classes in Escondido, CA

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  • Veterinary Assistant

Occupational Outlook
With a constant increase in the quantity of pet owners throughout the U.S., there is a rising need for qualified veterinary technicians. In the near future, even more career opportunities are expected to become available, ONET expects that Veterinary Technician jobs in California will rise by 21% over the period 2012-2022.

Vet Tech Income in Escondido, CA

vet tech schools in Escondido CAThe United States Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the average annual income for Veterinary Techs in the U.S. was $30,500 in 2012. In CA the average income of a Vet Tech was $35,600. Picture having the ability to earn that income while working with animals!

The table below is from and displays a comparison of State and National job growth trends for Veterinary Technicians over the ten year period 2012-2022.

State and National Trends

United States Employment Percent
Job Openings 1
2012 2022
Veterinary Technologists and Technicians 84,800 109,800 +30% 3,340
California Employment Percent
Job Openings 1
2012 2022
Veterinary Technologists and Technicians 8600 10400 21% 270
1Job Openings refers to the average annual job openings due to growth and net replacement.

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